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Council Members - The last full Council Elections were held on 5 May 2022.  The Members who were elected are listed below.  

If you are an enthusiastic community spirited person wishing to express an interest in putting your name forward to be considered for co-option onto the Council and filling any vacancies that may be shown on the list below, then please contact the Clerk to the Council. 

Please click here to view a leaflet prepared by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales on payments to Councillors 

Please scroll down for the full list of 16 Members .

 Acton Central - 2 member ward

Corin Jarvis*- Welsh Labour                                        (Elected 5/5/22)Councillor Picture

34 Elm Grove, Wrexham, LL12 7NR

corin.jarvis@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk     Tel: 07784 641290

Member of: Planning Committee, Youth Committee  


Lizzy Balmain –Independent                          (Co-opted 21/6/22)Profile picture

7 Stratford Close , Acton Wrexham LL12 7U


Acton Park - 2 member ward

Phil Lloyd - Independent                                         (Elected 5/5/22)Councillor Photograph

30 Ffordd Jarvis, Acton, Wrexham, LL12 7UP

philip.lloyd@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk Tel: 01978 354021

Member of: Planning Committee, Youth Committee  

Community Governor at Acton Park Primary School

Council's representative on Acton Community Resource Centre Management Committee

Councillor Picture
Becca Martin* - Plaid Cymru                                     (Elected 5/5/22)

9 Woodlands Grove, Rhosnesni, Wrexham LL13 9DU

becca.martin@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk Tel: 07845 811929

Member of: Staffing Committee 

Borras Park -  3 member ward
Councillor Picture
Mrs Carol Bettley - Independent                                   (Elected 5/5/22)

7 Smithy Lane, Wrexham, LL12 7AW

caroline.bettley@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk  Tel:  07852 263136

Member of:  Youth Committee, Staffing Committee

Councillor Picture
 Andrew Moss - Plaid Cymru                                      (Elected 5/5/22)

15 Frances Avenue, Wrecsam LL12 8BL

andrew.moss@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk Tel: 07480 068006

 Member of: Planning Committee, Staffing Committee 

Councillor Picture
Debbie Wallice* - Conservative                                  (Elected 5/5/22)

14 Wellswood Road Borras Park Wrexham LL13 9UQ

debbie.wallice@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk    Tel: 07922 456323 

Little Acton -  3 member ward
Councillor Photograph

Bill Baldwin* - Independent                                                (Elected 5/5/22)

3 Lon-y-Gelli, Wrexham,  LL12 8JZ 

bill.baldwin@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk    Tel: 01978 361327 or 07707 256047 

Council's representative on Little Acton Community Centre Management Committee 

Councillor Picture

Andy Gallanders*  - Plaid Cymru                                (Elected 5/5/22)

7 St Giles House, Rhosnesni Lane, Wrexham LL12 7NJ

andy.gallanders@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk Tel: 07936 099750

Member of: Youth Committee 

Council's representative on Little Acton Community Centre Management Committee  

Councillor Picture

 Chair for 2022/23

Kevin Roberts - Independent                                                (Elected 5/5/22)

 6 Horsley Drive, Little Acton, Wrexham, LL12 8BE kevin.roberts@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk    Tel: 01978 365449 

Ex-Officio Member of: Planning Committee; Staffing Committee and Youth Committee 

Council's representative on:-

1. Little Acton Community Centre Management Committee

2.Acton Community Resource Centre Management Committee

Councillor Picture
Tim Ryan   - Independent                                            (Elected 5/5/22)

7 Olivet Gardens, Rhosrobin, Wrexham LL11 4RJ

tim.ryan@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk               Tel: 07718 254473

Member of: Planning Committee 

Councillor Photograph

Salli Edwards - Welsh Labour                                 (Co-opted 21/6/22)

66 Park Avenue, Wrexham LL12 7AH


Rhosnesni - Increased from 2 to 4 member ward in 2012
Councillor PhotographRoger Davies - Liberal Democrat                            (Elected 5/5/22)

10 Turnberry Avenue, Wrexham LL13 9GG

roger.davies@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk  Tel: 07947 854038

 Member of: Youth Committee

Councillor Photograph

Mrs Anne Evans - Welsh Labour                                    (Elected 5/5/22)

23 Hilltop View Road, Borras Park, Wrexham, LL12 7SF anne.evans@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk     Tel: 01978 291452 or 07523 950956

 Member of: Staffing Committee, Planning Committee and Youth Committee 

Councillor Photograph

 Vice Chair 2022/23

Ralph Hardy - Independent                                         (Elected 5/5/22)

238 Holt Road, The Old Gardens, Wrexham, LL13 9EE

ralph.hardy@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk    Tel: 01978 363365

Ex-Officio Member of: Planning Committee, Staffing Committee 

Council's representative on Acton Community Resource Centre Management Committee

Councillor Photograph

Mike Davies - Independent                         (Co-opted 21/6/22)

42 Borras Road, Wrexham LL12 7EP


Clerk to the Council

Photograph of ClerkMrs Carole Roberts 

Clerk's Office c/o Acton Community Resource Centre, Overton Way, Wrexham, LL12 7LB 

clerk@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk  Tel: 07913 071470

 (The Clerk is the Community Council's sole employee and is employed on a part time basis)  

 *Councillors are also County Borough Councillors 

 To view the May 2017 Statement as to persons nominated for the Acton Community, please view the attached document.

The Register of Members Interests  and attendance at meetings can be viewed by clicking the link on the left hand bar of this webpage.  

Vacation of office by failure to attend meetings: Please note that attendance at any of the Community Council's Committees or meetings will count towards a Member's attendance in accordance with the provisions contained in Section 85 (1), (2) of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended)