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Grant Application Form

Printable Guideline Document

The deadline to submit an application for consideration during SEPTEMBER 2022 is Friday 9 SEPTEMBER 2022. Please use the link above to download an application form.  

Please  take the time to complete and submit an application for a grant using the form above.  Most importantly do not rule yourself out.  Generally, if you can answer all the questions on the form and are local to our area there is usually a positive outcome.  The Community Council actively encourages and supports local groups, Clubs and other Organisations who provide valuable activities for the Acton residents and Community.  This is even more true after the Pandemic and National Lockdowns that have restricted the normal activities and fundraising for so many since March 2020. 

Once you have completed the form, return it to the Clerk to the Council and it will be put for consideration at the next quarterly meeting.  The Council considers grant applications using guidelines with a bias to give most support to truly local Groups.  It determines its grants and financial assistance applications on a quarterly basis each March, June, September and December.  The annual £3,500 budget is split equally across each quarter to allow the Community Council to be more focused and equitable when determining financial assistance applications. 

The guidelines were adopted by Acton Community Council in April 2019. The hierarchy model illustrated in the link above is based on a three tier system that assesses the level of need around the population that is being served. In addition, priority will be given to groups within the Acton Community or those groups that are providing for residents in the Acton Community. 

The three tier system caps the amount of funds made available to deserving Organisations. This is a more equitable system as decisions are not be made on an ad-hoc basis. It is accepted there will be anomalies within the system, but these will be dealt with on the merits of the submitted application on a case by case basis.  By way of explanation: -

Tier One:

a. Basic needs of Life:

Organisations or programs that ensure the basic needs of life are dispersed to members of our community, such as food, clothing and basic hygiene products

b. Social/Cultural:

Organisations or programs that benefit youth within our community

Organisations or programs that benefit our elders and other members within our community

Tier Two:

c. Recreational:

Outdoor recreation, such as football and other team sports

d. Environmental:


Litter collection/management

Community greening/planting

Tier Three:

e. Religious:

· Religious organisations of all kinds that lie directly within our ward may receive funding if their donation request is for members of our community

f. Larger Community