January 2023 Monthly Council Meeting

Published: 11 January 2023

IMPORTANT UPDATE 16 January 2022:  due to potentially Adverse weather conditions, this Meeting will  now be held via Zoom Only. It will start at 6:30PM.

Please do not try to attend in person as stated on the Agenda as the building will be closed.  You can join the Zoom Meeting online using this Hyperlink to join Hybrid Council meeting on 17 January 2023 or the Meeting ID: 813 1540 9193 and Passcode: 220661. Please note that the Meeting and those participating will be recorded.

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend remotely via Zoom and observe the Council meeting. The Agenda can be obtained by contacting the Clerk or by clicking here: Agenda for Remote meeting on 17 January 2023.

Please note: At the start of the meeting, Public questions will be taken about any item on the agenda from Acton Community Residents who have by noon on Monday 16 January 2023 given notice to the Clerk to the Community Council’s office either in writing or via email to: clerk@actoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk and specified the matter on the Agenda which they wish to speak about.