Full Council

All Acton Community Council Meetings are held on a hybrid basis.  Since the Annual Meeting in May 2023, the hybrid meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6.30pm in either the Acton Community Resource Centre, off Overton Way, Wrexham LL12 7LB or Little Acton Community Centre, The Green, Little Acton, Wrexham, LL12 8BH.  If you wish to join a meeting remotely please use the Zoom hyperlink included on the front page of each agenda. The Council has a recess in August.

The Agenda for each meeting is available for inspection by contacting the Clerk from three clear working days before the date of the meeting. 

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: The period of time designated for Public Participation at a meeting in accordance with the Council's Standing Order 3(d) below shall not exceed 15 minutes unless directed otherwise by the Chair of the meeting.


"The person presiding over the meeting must give Members of the Public in attendance a reasonable opportunity to make representations about any business to be discussed at the meeting, unless doing so is likely to prejudice the effective conduct of the meeting. This does not mean that Members of the Public can take part in debate, but they must be given a reasonable opportunity to make representations about business to be discussed".

If you are looking for other council and committee meeting please visit the Meetings, Agendas and Minutes page.

17 Jan 24

18:30 to 21:00

Meeting rearranged for 24 January 2024

24 Jan 24

18:30 to 21:00

Hybrid Council Meeting - rearranged date



Additional Documents

21 Feb 24

18:30 to 21:00

Hybrid Council Meeting


8.1 Internal Audit Plan 2023/24

8.1 CAB Q3 Report

20 Mar 24

18:30 to 21:00

Remote Zoom Meeting